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Here are the errors that I am getting:

//Error 1
min 200.428
max 996.148
bin_size 1
data points 2551
Import Data Size 217.799MB
File Dimensions 1680x 193x 2551
Loads an error message:
"Error in function BIOMAP_Event
Unable to allocate memory: to make array."

//Error 2
min 200.040
max 1000.05
bin_size 10
data points 255
Import Data Size 165.362MB
File Dimensions 1680x 193x 2551
Loads to 13% then errors out with this message:
Error in function BIOMAP_EVENT
READU: End of file encountered. Unit: 101 //this number varies from 100-102
File: path to file\Brain_test_0001.img

//Original Instrument BIC settings
Mode of Operation: reflector
Extraction Mode: Delayed 100nsec
Polarity: Pos
Acquisition control: Manual

Acquisition mass range 200-1000Da
Number of laser shots 50/spectrum
laser rep rate 3.0Hz
Digitizer start time 20.73
bin Size: 10nsec
Number of data points 2551
Vertical scale 0: 100mV
Vertical offset: 0%
Input Bandwidth 25MHz

// The Original file sizes
img 217,799,278 bytes
hdr 348 bytes
T2M 10204 bytes

I Also tried your suggestion of copying and renaming the files with a shorter file name but that just gives the same error.