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Hi Tan!

BioMAP is install-able on Windows 7, 64-bit (see attached screenshot).

A known problem is the naming of the directory in which BioMAP is installed. No dot(.) in the directory name! Also no dot(.) in the user name, as this is then part of the user directory and this should be used for BioMAP. Maybe this is causing your problems?
BioMap is 10+years old and maybe not fully compatible with the new Win7 environment, BUT it is possible to install it successfully on Win7, if “new” things like a dot(.) in the user name is avoided, because this was not possible 10 years ago.

Try the installation again on something like c:\biomap and check if you find after the installation the setting files in C:\Users\#your_username#\AppData\Roaming\BioMap
Here is also the place for the license file.

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