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    I have been testing the MMSIT with several tissue samples for more than a month when suddenly, and without any change (that I am aware) in the machine (a standard Voyager STR, 4 yr. old), the scan properties windows disappear and I am not able to reopen again. I reinstall the software from scratch, but it makes no difference.

    All the other components seem to work fine (Voyager Control Panel, Data Explorer or MS Access), so I haven?t any clue about the reason of this problem. I can see in the status bar that I can change between databases or perform another tasks and the problem only seems to be in displaying the scan properties.

    Any idea, suggestions?

    Thank for your help

    Markus Stoeckli

    This error was not heard of before 🙁 .

    In the software MMSIT, the sample information is stored in a simple MS Access DB. My first guess is, that either your DB got modified or that the shared component for DB interfacing (MDAC) was modified to a different version.

    In a first step, try to run the software with the default DB as it came with the installtion. If that does not help, check on the installation of MDAC on your computer. Use the ‘MDAC Component Checker’ from the MS site [url][/url] to get the relevant information. I just tried it with MDAC 2.7 SP 1 and it works fine. If you have an older version, try upgrading to the most recent one ([url][/url]). Please report on your Windows version, service packs and MDAC version should the error persist.

    Hope this helps,



    Hi Markus!

    I got an error message to reduce the data points/spectra to 32768.
    According to the mass range (2000-25000) and the bin size (4) I have 25108 points /spectra… the error is still present… what to do?

    thanks for your help

    Markus Stoeckli

    I checked it out on our sSTR and found nothing wrong with the MMSIT. For the mass range 2000-25000 with bin size 4 ns we end up with 40000 data points in reflector mode and 27000 in linear mode. 💡 Could you verify for me that the data file which you specified in the MMSIT was acquired with the appropriate number of data points (open it as instrument settings in the VC)? It is this file which defines the image settings, no the current settings of the VC.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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