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I am also using the TM sprayer to spray CHCA on brain tissues. I am doing this in a facility so I have limited access to the instrument. The director wants to use the factory specs which employ a flow rate of 200uL/min. This is too high IMHO and it is causing extensive delocalization of analytes. Is there anyone out there that is using the TM sprayer with a much lower flowrate and did not encounter any issue? The trick of lowering the temperature to limit clogging described above looks valid to me but, I am wondering if it works fine also with a lower flow rate than 200 uL/min without clogging the lines. The matrix solution that I am using is CHCA 5 mg/ml + 10mM Ammonium Phosphate Monobasic in 50% ACN. If someone is wondering, the reason for the use of the additive buffer is that reduces matrix-salts clusters as shown in the following publication: