Please find the latest news from the MSI community in this series of newsletters.

Newsletter – July 2022

In this special issue: Special Thank to Prof. Liam McDonnell for his service as past president of the MSIS and Prof. Andreas Römpp who joined the board of MSIS.

Newsletter 06 – August 2021

Meet: Gregory Hamm (Associate Director at AstraZeneca, UK).

This newsletter is dedicated to our dear friend and colleague Martin RL Paine.

Newsletter 05 – March 2021

Meet: Professor Alain Brunelle Laboratory of Molecular and Structural Archaeology (CNRS and Sorbonne
University, Paris) and Dr. Marta Sans Escofet (CPRIT TRIUMPH Postdoctoral Fellow at MD Anderson Cancer Center, Austin, Texas)

Newsletter 04 – November 2020

Meet: Professor Isabelle Fournier (University of Lille, France), and Professor Jörg Hanrieder (Gothenburg University, Sweden)

Newsletter 03 – July 2020

Meet: Professor Schuichi Shimma (Osaka University), Organizer of OurCon 2022 in Japan, and the new MSIS executive board and student representative Stefania Maneta-Stavrakaki (ICL, London)

Newsletter 02 – April 2020

Meet: Marcel Niehaus, winner of the Imabiotech award 2019

Newsletter 01 – January 2020