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I did some experimentation with a 3×3 pixel .img file, with 4 intensity data points for each pixel. I used your [url=]VB code[/url] to create the header.
You advised to put the intensity data in the first dimension, and this is also in the code for the header:
[code:1]ah.dime.dims(0) = 4
ah.dime.dims(1) = DPoints
ah.dime.dims(2) = XPoints
ah.dime.dims(3) = YPoints [/code:1]
However, when I do this, BioMap reads the 1st dim as X-data, the 2nd dim as Y-data and the 3rd dim as datapoints (Z). Hence I get a rectangular image on screen (4×3 pixels, with 3 slices) instead of a square (3×3 with 4 slices). Only when I put the datapoints in the 3rd dim, it looks OK. When dealing with real spectra, of course, it would be much nicer to keep the intensity data together as you suggest. What am I doing wrong?