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Markus Stoeckli

That looks odd. Let me try to narrow things down…

The license generator works with the [b]MAC address[/b] of the first network interface in your computer. We had problems before when users would enable/disable a WLAN interface and the software would get a different MAC address. To see your current number, type ‘ipconfig /all’ in a DOS window.

Make sure that your licenserc file does not have an [b]extension[/b]. In Windows, the extension ‘.txt’ may be hidden. To overcome this problem, select the menu ‘Tools – Folder Option’ in the file manager. Switch to the ‘View’ tab and in there disable the option ‘Hide extensions for know file types’.

The [b]location[/b] of the licenserc file is critical. Simply copy it into the ‘..\BioMap\settings’ folder and execute ‘Install settings.bat’ located in the BioMap folder.

Hope that help – if not, please let us know…