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Your problem is effectively the thickness of your sample. Early work that described the analysis of microdissected tissues such as neurons only yielded very few lower MS signals when 2-5 DHB was used as matrix. This is in parts due to the presence in the tissue of high salt contents affecting local matrix crystallization. A thickness of 300 um is extremely thick with respect to the ~10 um that are routinely cut from fresh frozen tissue blocks. In most cases, analysis of 10 um thin sections with sinapinic acid as matrix yield high quality data in the MW range from 2 to 30 kDa with some signals detected in some cases above 100 kDa. When using SA as matrix in combination with a TOF MS equipped with a 337 nm nitrogen laser, from a single tissue coordinate, one should see anywhere from 200 to 500 m/z signals. I strongly recommend that you get in touch with your local pathology lab. I guaranty that they have a cryostat, which should allow you to cut thin sections from your samples.