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Kenneth Chan

Yep, don’t tell me, let me guess, you unzip the file and you try to run it normal, but it told you that you don’t have the privilege, so you try running it as admin, but you get the below error….

That’s because when you try to run a script as admin in Vista and 7, windows default your working directory to windows\system32 which is not where you want to be.

Here is my work around:[ol][li]Make sure you have admin privilege[/li][li]unzip BioMap to some directory[/li][li]Delete your current C:\Program File\BioMap, it must likely have lots of junk in it (req admin)[/li][li]make a NEW C:\Program File\BioMap (req admin)[/li][li]copy everything form the unzip BioMap folder and copy it into C:\Program File\BioMap (req admin)[/li][li]Run install-win.bat from inside C:\Program File\BioMap to complete the install(req admin)[/li][li]Run BioMap and get the licenserc by e-mail[/li][li]copy it to C:\Program File\BioMap (req admin)[/li][/ol]
Good luck