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Alexei Pushechnikov

Dear Markus,

Thank you for your response.

I have checked these posts that you mentioned, unfortunately there was no answer to my case.

Yes, I am running IDL 8.2 and there is write access to the BioMap directory.
And I also tried to install into different directories.

Problem is that there is no prompt for the registration at the BioMap start up at all.
The splash-screen pops up for 2 seconds without any bottom line request for registration and then gone. BioMap runs but MSI option isn’t accessible.

It looks as it is related somehow to the particular OS configuration on my workstation.
I have XP SP3 32bit. And I was able to install BioMap on my laptop under Vista 32bit without any issues.

That laptop solution would satisfy me, but the laptop screen isn’t that convenient to work with imaging comparing to bigger memory and larger monitor of my workstation.

Thank you very much again for looking into my issue.