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Ramin Vismeh

Hi Guys,

I did exactly the same thing as Markus said. That right! The number that we get from Analysis od ROI, is actualy the intensity of ions/pixels. So, it is nomalized to the number of pixels. I got the exact same numbers…
What I am woried about is that in that 4 pixels which I chose, my ion of interest had an ion intensity of 32767! I am sure thats not the real intensity of my ion. for example if these 4 pixels that Markus talked about have all intensities above 32767, they all will be shown az 32767! I dont see any intensity higher than 32767 for any pixel when I do pixel scan. That means 32767 is also the limit for intensity!

I am curios to see what are the intensities of those pixels you chose? Arent they all 32767 or below?