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Ramin Vismeh

I have to talk to people from Prosolia. But I remember I had this talk with them before and they think that this is the BioMap issue. This is part of the email I received from them:

” Unfortunately, the issue has to do with BioMAP. BioMAP has an intrinsic data limitation of 32,767 points in any dimension (i.e. intensity, x, y, m/z). What you need to do is limit the m/z domain to a smaller mass window around the ion of interest within firefly prior to conversion. Unfortunately, due to the same limitation the intensities will truncate at 32, 767. In a new release coming soon (FireFly 2.0) we remove the limitation to allow customers to import data into Matlab. ”

So, number of data points can be reduced but the intensity issue is still there. Thats what they think!