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Ramin Vismeh

Thanks so much Markus for the Reply.:)
The other thing is the intensity of ions. I understand that the 32767 is the limit for parameters like data points. That’s why when creating an image; I use a narrow range of masses so that I end up with less # of data points. But I am not sure what BioMap does to the intensities. Is it going to cut the intensities that are above 32767 or is it dividing them all by a number so that the highest one becomes 32767 and scales the rest of them with the same ratio? I am talking about the numbers in Analysis—>plot—->ROI panel. I know when I look at my raw data, the intensities are higher than 32767 but when I generate ROIs, I get different intensities in the ROIs plot! My goal is to see if I really can trust the intensities in the ROI plot for ion intensities and use them as a basis for Quantification!