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Markus Stoeckli

[b]ramisir wrote:[/b]
[quote]So you guys think that the intensities from ROI regions CAN be used as a base for quantification as they are not cut or scaled?[/quote]
I would hope so, as we did many studies using this function…

OK, here’s what I just tested with BioMap I loaded an image with intensities above 1E6. I right-clicked on the image and selected Properties. In there, I switched Display Mode to Voxel and then clicked on Done. Then I clicked on the Zoom button and selected an area where I could easily identify 4 distinct pixels. Exit of zoom-mode with right-clicking and Done. With Analysis-PixelScan I got the values of the 4 pixels. Once done, I draw a region over these 4 pixels and looked at the ROI Statistics. The displayed “Mean” value was exactly the average of the 4 pixels. So this seems to work fine. Please describe in detail what you were testing.