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Markus Stoeckli

[quote]Does anyone know how can I get a list for ion intensities of different ROIs in BioMap that can be exported to excel?[/quote]
For this, select “Roi” – “Statistics” and in there, select “File” – “Export” – “List”. The generated text file can directly be imported in Excel.

[quote]I am not sure how can I get a list that says what do I have in each pixel?[/quote]
This is the same as exporting an images. You may do this in Analyze format or bmp.

[quote]That way I can remove empty pixles from the data set.[/quote]
There is a function to remove “empty” pixels from ROIs in BioMap. Once you have drawn the ROIs, set the Min and Max intensity sliders to the intensity range you want to include. By selecting the grey color scale with blue on the low end and red on the top end one can easily select the matching values. Then select “Roi” – “Clip” and the pixels outside the selected intensity ranges will be removed from the ROIs. Redo the ROI statistics.