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Markus Stoeckli

I finally had some time to look at the code and fix the issues you pointed. Check out BioMap version 3.7.4 and let me know how it works. Here’s what I changed:
[li]Export of data without saving it to the database[/li]
[li]Tiff export with LZW compression, no limitation in image numbers (might take a while, though)[/li]
[li]Animated gif export[/li]
[li]Export as movie. A dll was missing, which is now part of the package. Play around with the codecs installed on your computer, some of them give strange results. Full frame for example results in a movie which plays just fine when watched with QuickTime Movie Player or ImageReady, but not on the Windows Media Player. MPEG-4 worked best for me.[/li][/ul]