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Junhai Yang

you can try to lower the nozzle heating temperature. in my experience, the heating most of time is not necessary.
I generally spray any matrix at 30°C, and never have clogging and sputtering issue.

the heating at nozzle causes matrix crystals build up slowly, and then the pressure at the nozzle also slowly build up, you can actually monitor the pressure with the sprayer’s pressure monitor on the front panel, the pressure will go through a “up-down-up’ circle if you have a too high temperature at the nozzle.

another thing you can do is to make the matrix solution a bit dilute, not so high concentration, say around 10-15mg/mL in mostly organic solvents (90% acetonitrile or even acetone). that way, you have less chance of matrix crushing out during the spray and clog up or spatter.