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Markus Stoeckli

[b]Ralf wrote:[/b]
[quote]So it looks like the data dimension is 80786 (and not 15250), which would make sense with the t2m file. I understand that dimensionfor the ANALYZE format is limited to 32768 and it therefore shows a different value in the header.[/quote]

Yes, your observation is correct. When importing in BioMap/TissueView, the routine checks for the file size and uses this to calculate the dimensions if it’s above 2^16. The import filter then allows to select a reduced mass range or to bin data points. This is annoying, but the MRI guys did not think that we’d ever need more values 😉 . This is one of the reasons why we came up with imzML.

[quote]Is there any plan to support imzML as an output format for the imaging tools?[/quote]

Yes, we are currently building a tool for the FlashQuant systems which will output imzML. This code might then be ported to the 4000 Series software, if there should be a demand…