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Markus Stoeckli

This is how the MMSIT software works: The software interacts with VoyagerControl (VC) and the underlying Instrument Hardware Controller (IHC), but does not directly control the instrument. When an image is started, a call to the VC loads the data file you specified with the imaging method. A spectrum acquisition is then triggered to activate the method. Obviously, the method must be in manual mode and not automatic mode. After this initial step, the MMSIT software communicates exclusively with the IHC. It loads the new position, starts the laser, waits for completion and pulls the data directly from the IHC. One of the issues we had is that the VC is in parallel hooked up to the IHC, and for this reason it also displays the new data. This typically not an issue, except if there are other background processes running (e.g. virus scanners, windows update…) and resources get low. In this case, it helps to close the spectrum sub-window in the VC before you start the acquisition or you minimize the VC window.

Another issue might be hardware. The trigger diode for the laser pulse might get blind and the laser fires without triggering the acquisition. This can be solved either by moving the trigger board slightly to a different position, so that the blind spot is on the side. Or by replacing the diode (cost about 10 USD).

Good luck