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Tatiana Zinger

[b]ebmonroe wrote:[/b]
[quote]We just updated to the new FlexControl (3.0 I think) and it is now much less tolerant to small errors/omissions in the .xeo file. In other words, it refuses to load them.

By comparing files made by FlexImage, standard plate files, and CreateTarget created files, I’ve tracked down the two items that it needs.

In the global parameters, the following needs to be added prior to "ProbeType…"


Secondly, as the chipnumber is stated as "2" in global parameters, the addition of the following in the <ChipOffsets> section is needed:

<OffsetSize Chip="1" X="0.0" Y="0.0"/>

Hope this helps anyone else that is or may have problems. Is this possible to update in the program itself? It seems the new control software is just less tolerant to plate file omissions.


Dear Eric,

I made the changes you suggested but unfortunately, FlexControl keeps crashing when I try to load the xeo file.
Did you by chance find out other parameters that should be changed or added in the xeo file header?
Or could you send me the headers of your geo and corresponding xeo files to allow me to check if mine fit with yours.

Thanks in advance for your help!