Here you can find some MS images in the imzML format. All files except from the example files are images from real measurements. The example files are artificially generated because the goal was to create small files which are convenient for testing purposes.

Here you can find a raw to imzML converter which allows to convert your own measurements of LTQ based Thermo raw files into imzML files.

MS images for selected masses are provided as reference.

  • imzML dataset available as ‘open data’ in public data repository PRIDE by the European Bioinformatics Institute

    Acquired with LTQ Orbitrap, ‘PROCESSED’ format, 850 MB (PRIDE data) (publication)
  • Example 2: MS imaging data set of a urinary bladder in imzML (processed). MS image of m/z 157.2 ± 0.25.
    A click on the image opens a larger view.
    urinary bladder: m/z 157.2 ± 0.25
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