OurCon is a conference focused on the latest technical developments and applications of mass spectrometry imaging.

The OurCon series has quickly established itself as one of the major annual events in the field of mass spectrometry imaging. Previous conferences were organized in Ourense (2012), Antalya (2014), Pisa (2015), Ustron (2016), Doorn (2017), Charleston (2018), Saint-Malo (2019) and Sheffield (2021, Virtual). The next conferences will be held in:

Annual Conference on Mass Spectrometry Imaging and Integrated Topics
, Montreal, Canada.
October 23-25, 2023.
Venue: Centre Mont-Royal, 2200 rue Mansfield, Montreal, QC Canada
Local organizer: Pierre Chaurand. Co-organized with MSIS/IMSS.
Website of the conference: Home | 1st IMSIS Conference (imsis2023.org)

The environment of the event will be one of creativity, positivity and scientific advancement. This conference plans to highlight the many advances in the field of mass spectrometry imaging, promote research of students and new investigators, and acknowledge the top scientists who have helped to cultivate this innovative atmosphere over the years. This conference plans to offer a plethora of accelerating networking opportunities through demos, lectures and additional group activities.

OurCon is supported by the Mass Spectrometry Imaging Society (MSIS), a non-for profit society dedicated to the promotion of state-of-the-art mass spectrometry imaging and its widespread application.

Next to the conference, the Society is also organizing symposia:

Regional IMSIS MassSpectrometryImaging Spring Workshop, Uppsala, Sweden.
March 27 – 29, 2023
Local organizers: Per Andrén. Co-organized with the Swedish Pharmaceutical Society.

Website to the meeting here

Pharmaceuticals, Metabolites, Peptides, Neurotransmitters, Software,

Data handling, Processing, Applications

Oral sessions, posters