The ASMS Evening Workshop on Imaging Mass Spectrometry will be June 4 12pm-1:30pm Central Daylight Time (CDT); 19h-20h30 Eastern European Time .

Location:  Virtual

Topic:   Standardizing the Imaging MS Workflow: Current Progress

Attending:   Registration of ASMS 2020 Reboot is required.  This is Workshop Thurs-12.


Tiffany Porta, PhD, M4I Institute, Maastricht University

Peggi Angel, PhD, Medical University of South Carolina

Standardizing Imaging MS in Pharma and Beyond     
Reid Groseclose, PhD, Director, MALDI MS Bioimaging, GSK

How To Achieve Comparable and Robust Results When Doing Multi-Center DESI-MSI Studies For Cancer Diagnosis
Andreia Porcari, PhD, Assistant Professor, Health Sciences Postgraduate Program at Universidade São Francisco – SP – Brazil
Kyana Garza (PhD candidate, Dr. Livia Eberlin)

Example and Limits of Standardization in Pharmaceutical Industry 
Dr. Jonathan Stauber, Imabiotech

Peptide and Protein Mapping via Liquid Microjunction Surface Sampling and MALDI Mass Spectrometry: The Road Ahead 
Dylan Tabang (PhD student, Dr. Lingjun Li)

Multi-Site Round Robin Study Of Rapid Evaporative Ionization Mass Spectrometry For The Classification Of Biological Tissues        
Pierre-Maxence Vaysse (PhD student, Dr. Porta) M4I, Maastricht University

Handling Multiple Pretreatment FFPE Biopsies To Analyze With MSI For Biomarker Screening For Therapy Decision   
Eline Berghmans (PhD student, Health Unit, VITO, University of Antwerp)

Lessons From the Multi-Lab N-Glycan Imaging Ring Trials   
Professor Richard Drake, PhD, Medical University of South Carolina

Discussion – 30 minutes



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