It’s our pleasure to announce the OurCon IV conference on MS imaging, to be held in […]
The iMatrixSpray allows automatic deposition of matrix, internal standards, Trypsin and more. Download the design or […]
Register now for the MALDI MS Imaging workshop in Bochum on June 27 to 28 – only few […]
MSiReader was released by researchers at the North Carolina State University. This free open source Matlab […]
The National Physical Laboratory (NPL) in the UK is seeking a senior scientist for MS…
The University of Maryland-School of Pharmacy Mass Spectrometry Facility is seeking a post-doctoral candidate interested in […]
Patrik released his quantification software to the more…
New quantitative MS imaging software developed by imaBiotechread more..
Application note on Quantinetix, a quantitative MS imaging software developed by imaBiotechdownload
Simona Francese will be on “The One Show” of BBC1 talking about and demonstrating her MALDI MSI […]