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well, it’s not that there’s really something wrong.

we have raw data from a bruker mass-spec for some 50×50 points and for each 80.000 values.
for the points we take x and y, and for the value the z ( for less then 2^15 – 1 values ) axis.
if we only compute the *.img file for one m/z value ( so z=1, 2-dimensional picture), the picture fits perfectly into the biomap window.

if we compute the pictures of more m/z values, ( eg z = 256 ), the computed *.img file has to be viewed at a higher zoom factor ( eg 16 ) to fit into the biomap window.
the image resolution remains the same, you just have to use the zoom, to make biomap display it in the same size inside the window.

example *.img file is rather big, so i hope the problem is clearer now…