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Markus Stoeckli

While there is no direct way to save files in DE format, they may be imported as ASCII. Here’s how:
[ul]Save spectra in BioMap as ‘List’. A text file will be created with a name similar to ‘your_file_plot.txt’.[/ul]
[ul]Localize this file and open it with a text editor. The content has this format:
[code:1] X L1
498.302 89.0408
498.555 87.3492
498.807 85.3810
499.059 85.1474
499.311 89.4717
499.563 88.5828
499.815 86.0317[/code:1][/ul]
[ul]Delete the first line and replace it with the following two lines:
[code:1]TITLE "Your Title"
TYPE MASSSPEC[/code:1][/ul]
[ul]Save the file.[/ul]
[ul]Open DE and open a random spectrum.[/ul]
[ul]Select the menu item File – Import – ASCII Spectrum…[/ul]
[ul]Localize the text file and load it.[/ul]