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    Are spectra exported into Data Explorer? That would be too nice!

    Markus Stoeckli

    While there is no direct way to save files in DE format, they may be imported as ASCII. Here’s how:
    [ul]Save spectra in BioMap as ‘List’. A text file will be created with a name similar to ‘your_file_plot.txt’.[/ul]
    [ul]Localize this file and open it with a text editor. The content has this format:
    [code:1] X L1
    498.302 89.0408
    498.555 87.3492
    498.807 85.3810
    499.059 85.1474
    499.311 89.4717
    499.563 88.5828
    499.815 86.0317[/code:1][/ul]
    [ul]Delete the first line and replace it with the following two lines:
    [code:1]TITLE "Your Title"
    TYPE MASSSPEC[/code:1][/ul]
    [ul]Save the file.[/ul]
    [ul]Open DE and open a random spectrum.[/ul]
    [ul]Select the menu item File – Import – ASCII Spectrum…[/ul]
    [ul]Localize the text file and load it.[/ul]


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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