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Markus Stoeckli

BioMap allows co-registration of data which is an extremely powerful feature for evaluation of data from different sources. Using this method, images from different animals may be compared, ROIs can be transferred between data sets and different modalities.

The easiest way to achieve co-registration between MSI and optical data is modification of the header. Let me give an example: Am MSI was acquired with a raster of 0.1 mm, resulting in 200 x 100 data points. An optical image of the same section was taken at a higher resolution, resulting in an image with 1000 x 500 points. Both files are loaded in BioMap and lets assume that both images have a voxel size of 1 x 1 (depending on the image acquisition version, this might also be the actual dimension, in our case 0.1). Activate the windows with optical image and select Edit – Header from the menu. Switch to the Coregistration tab and enter 0.2 in the scaling field for x and y (0.02 if the MSI voxel size of the MSI is 0.1). Press Done and the image is co-registered with the MSI. Copy it as overlay to the MSI to see the effect of the method. Once the image is co-registered, save it to the Scan+ database where it will retain its parameters.