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Laurie Fortis

I have also encountered this installation problem…I edited the .bat file with the double quotes as suggested. I also tried unzipping the folder to the C: directory, and then answering "y" to installation in the default directory. Here is the error I now have:

BioMap installation script

This script will install BioMap and/or copy the settings to the user directory.

Installing program files

This script was not started from the default BioMap directory.
You can run BioMap from the current location or install it to the default

Current directory: C:\Biomap
Default directory: C:\Program Files\BioMap

Do you want to install BioMap to the default directory (y/n)? y

An existing BioMap installation was found.

Do you want to replace the existing installation (y/n)? y

BioMap was installed to the default path.

Could not access installation directory, installation aborted…

Press any key to continue . . .

If anyone can tell me where I went wrong it would be very much appreciated. I previously tried unzipping directly into the Program files and installation was aborted in that was as well.
Thank You in Advance!!!