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    I am trying to install BioMap on a PC that we have had lots of problems with. I have downloaded and unzipped the BioMap files to a folder on the desktop, however when I attempt to run the install-win.bat file it opens and closes immediately without allowing me to view the instructions. If I click on the BioMap.sav icon I am able to open BioMap, however an error message appears alongside this "The BioMap main path may not be set up correctly, you must set the variable BioMapDir in your uparsrc file manually" and the options available are limited. I know the file set up is not correct however as the install-win.bat file will not seem to run I don;t know how to change this. I have followed instructions on other pcs and managed to install BioMap successfully.

    Any ideas?


    William Michener

    I am also having the exact same problem as Hazel, can anyone suggest what to do?


    Markus Stoeckli

    I made some modifications to the file – please download the latest BioMap version again and try it. If it does not work, get a local IT guru to your desk and he/she should be able to install the software within minutes. Please let us know if it worked for you.


    Yongseung Shin

    I am also have a same problem. I have a Biomap 3754 and the program is not installed in my computer. Since no IT guys are in my location, my problem was not checked by them,yet.

    Any ideas?




    I have the exact same problem… Even with the latest full version it won’t install. And the person closest to an IT guru has no idea whatsoever.

    when I run command and I execute install-win.bat I get the following:
    "This script will install BioMap and/or copy the settings to the user directory.
    Files/Biomap==C:/Program was unexpected at this time."

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    I think I found a solution. There is no logic to it, but it works anyway.

    Extract the zip file anywhere but in the program files directory (I just used c:/Biomap). Then execute the install-win.bat file and then say "yes" when it asks to install it to the default directory.

    Kenneth Chan

    Hello everyone,

    The problem is how windows batch files handles spaces. When windows encounters a space in the condition of an if statement, it expects to see an operator… even if it is around quotation marks. Open a command line window and try this:

    Type :

    If ‘bob’==’bob’ echo true

    Then try:

    If ‘bob is’==’bob is’ echo it will never work

    The only work around is to make sure all the files are at the right place, rem out the first if statement and add the line goto usave

    I’m sure there is another way to do this ie. Some env switch that will use short names, but I can’t find it….


    PS My message box is tiny!!!!

    Kenneth Chan

    I’ve got the solution. use double quotes. Search and replace these two lines:

    rem check if BioMap is installed in local directory
    if "%ldir%"=="%bdir%" goto usave

    if not "%ldir%"=="%SYSTEMROOT%" goto aask

    Laurie Fortis

    I have also encountered this installation problem…I edited the .bat file with the double quotes as suggested. I also tried unzipping the folder to the C: directory, and then answering "y" to installation in the default directory. Here is the error I now have:

    BioMap installation script

    This script will install BioMap and/or copy the settings to the user directory.

    Installing program files

    This script was not started from the default BioMap directory.
    You can run BioMap from the current location or install it to the default

    Current directory: C:\Biomap
    Default directory: C:\Program Files\BioMap

    Do you want to install BioMap to the default directory (y/n)? y

    An existing BioMap installation was found.

    Do you want to replace the existing installation (y/n)? y

    BioMap was installed to the default path.

    Could not access installation directory, installation aborted…

    Press any key to continue . . .

    If anyone can tell me where I went wrong it would be very much appreciated. I previously tried unzipping directly into the Program files and installation was aborted in that was as well.
    Thank You in Advance!!!

    Markus Stoeckli

    Yes, a proper installer is on the list for BioMap, but I just didn’t get to do it… Anyway, just extract the files from to the location of your choice. I typically put it under C:\Program Files\BioMap. On some systems you might not have write access to this location, so just select another one of your choice. Go to APPDATA directory (enter "set %appdata%” in the command line to find out where that is) , create in there a folder with the name BioMap and copy all the files from the Setting directory (located in the BioMap program folder) into this folder.
    Or replace the install-win.bat file from the distribution with the attached one and run it…

    Markus [file name=install_win.bat size=5309][/file]

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    Hi Firefly,
    I met same problem with you. I installed the Biomap on my desktop PC, which uses Windows Vista.
    Do you solved problem? Please send your instruction to me.

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