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Markus Stoeckli

The following message was received from Akos:

Dear Peter,

Few days ago I could manage to install BioMap on my Mac (OS X 10.5) and it works fine ever since. I think the trouble is the licenserc file that seems to best in the biomap system directory (/.biomap).

I installed the BioMap into my user directory and modified the uparsrc-linux-mac file also in the /.biomap directory.
Now, my question is how familiar you are with the Mac OS structure (I was not for sure) to be able to find hidden directories and files? The reason is that ALL system directories and files are hidden by default on Macs and there is no simple switch to show and hide them like on PCs in the Folder options. When I realized this I made two plug-ins with the Automator following the description on this site:
Then I could easily find the biomap system dir (/.biomap) and copy the licenserc file into it.

However, it still did not work for me for the reason that the licenserc file was not correct!
First I got the message from the Webmaster without any attachment only written the code as text that looked like this:

TYPE =3D 13571
ID =3D 725341
EXP =3D 108075823
MRI =3D 0
MSI =3D 67388375
WIP =3

Following discussion with Markus he pinpointed that this is not a correct content of a licenserc file and suggested to remove all “3D”s. At this point I have to add that I created this file with TextEdit and removed its extension. So, it became like this:

TYPE = 13571
ID = 725341
EXP = 108075823
MRI = 0
MSI = 67388375
WIP = 0

After that it still did not work however.
Then I got the idea to apply for the code again. This time I got the file as attachment as well but to my surprise it looked differently opened by TextEdit (first line was empty!):

âÌzCz…TYPE = 13571
ID = 725341
EXP = 108075823
MSI = 67388375

And it did not work but it did after the first (empty) and the garbage in the second line was removed!!!

In conclusion, my recommendation is to play around with the licenserc file and get it in right format and BioMap will run nicely on Mac.

Good luck!