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    Is there any reason why MMSIT shouldn’t work on the DE Pro (as opposed to the STR)?

    Steve Master


    We did not test the MMSIT software on the DE Pro and I can therefore only guess on the success. Since the MMSIT does not directly access the instrument hardware but rather software components from AB, and since these components are the same for the STR and the PRO, I conclude that the MMSIT has a good chance to run on a DE PRO. Please let us know once you tested it …



    Has anyone tried this yet ? We will shortly be acquiring a DE-Pro and would be keen to swap experiences/tips with anyone.


    😀 Hi All,

    I am extremely happy to be able to report that MMSIT does work on the Voyager DE-PRO. I succesfully installed the software today and was able to run some test images.

    There were no particular issues. On our instrument (from 2001) running under Windows NT I did need to install the MDAC 2.7 update as suggested in the MMSIT manual but that was it.

    I’ll post updates as we use it more




    First update :

    If you have used it you will be aware that the data processing supplied with MMSIT is rather limited, clearly the idea is then to use Biomap to process the .img files generated.

    The IDL Run TIme software will [u]not[/u] run under Windows NT. This is the operating system we have running on the PC controlling our Voyager. 🙁 (If you like us try to install it it asks for a Service pack update initially, then when you install the service pack update it [u]then[/u] tells you that it does not run under NT, really helpful IDL people, 👿 )

    Our IT people have made the data directories of the Voyager visible to another PC running Win2000 and we are running Biomap on that, problem solved.

    Hope this saves you some time.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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