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    jeong chanyoung

    I don’t konw registration.
    How do I software activation.
    So I explain installation process

    1. Get a software(idl63winx86_32(VM), Biomap 3754)
    My computer os is xp windows

    2. Install to IDL

    3. Create file folder(c:/Lokal/Biomap)
    Biomap 3754 program copy to c:/Lokal/Biomap

    4. click the install-win(c:/Lokal/Biomap)
    Installation biomap program, but not connect maldi-msi homepage.
    showed the next message in window
    "Not Found"
    "The requested document was not found on this server"
    "Web server at"

    but I using internet. That’s strange.

    5. start biomap program (c:/program file/biomap/bin/biomap)
    [To start BioMAP you must create a link to the following command in Biomap 3.x manual:
    C:\RSI\IDL60\bin\bin.x86\idlrt.exe -vm=C:\Lokal\Biomap\bin\biomap.sav]
    but I don’t this process [the message a wrong path]

    6. I download the file
    and this file convert the biomap file in c:/program file/biomap/bin

    7. software activation through e-mail in
    i don’t get a licenserc file.
    but these message written in my e-mail

    TYPE = 6437
    ID = 688059
    EXP = 102520805
    MRI = 0
    MSI = 64020967
    WIP = 0

    8. but biomap software is not activation
    [these meassage in bio output windows]
    PBMT_SETUPSTRUCTURES: Home directory (UserDir) set to C:/Documents and settings/TOSHIBA/Application Data
    PBMT_SETUPSTRUCTURES: Temp directory (TempDir) set to c:/DOCUME-1/TOSHIBA/LOCALS-1/Temp
    FBMT_CHECKFEATURE: Decoding license
    FBMT_CHECKFEATURE: License type: OK = No license
    FBMT_CHECKFEATURE: License will expire in 0 days

    * How do i?
    Several days elapsed!
    Thank for reading my text
    I am sorry, but give me a means of settling a problem
    Please tell me easily and minutely
    I will wait for your answer
    i want to use biomap program
    best regard!

    Markus Stoeckli

    Biomap is not a commercial product and therefore not all the efforts were made to allow a simple installation. It is important that all the installation steps are followed carefully. The file licenserc needs to be created by you; with the information you obtained by email. Search this forum for ‘licenserc’ and you will find additional information.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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