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    Dear All,

    After a few successes with spraying, we are currently looking at matrix spotting devices and I would like some more information and feeling about them.
    Are they useful?
    Which one would you recommend?
    We have noticed several devices like the CHiP1000 from Shimadzu, the Portrait 630 from LABCYTE, are they any good? Is there anything else out there?
    Thank for your help,


    Markus Stoeckli

    We looked into the Chip and the Echo earlier this year. What we need is an apparatus which can automatically coat larger areas of up to a microtiter plate. Shimadzu was very responsive to our request for specifications of the Chip, but it didn’t allow a homogeneous coating. I guess this issue might be solved by now. The Echo looked promising, but according to Labcyte a first commercial instrument for matrix coating will not be available before 2007.

    There is more to come. Leap Technologies has a couple of products which might be interesting. And there are rumours which suggest that new products will be announced soon…;)

    For now we stick with our automated pneumatic sprayer. This allows us to reproducibly cover large areas with matrix – no clogging of nozzles.


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    We need a spotter for two things. We prepared tests for the Labcyte, Shimadzu, and Leap spotters all geared towards our own particular needs. The first company passed the test for need #1 and came up with a story as to why they couldn’t take the test for need #2. The third company passed our tests for both needs. We are still waiting to hear from the second company. Your needs may be different from ours. I would say prepare your own tests and buy the spotter that best suits your needs. BL

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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