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    tommy mouse

    Hi, fiends. We are using MALDI TOF by Shimadzu. This is a new machine and no one knows very well. The instrument software Launchpad did not produce any MSI(.img) files. But we want to do imaging of tissue by BIOMAP. Biomap now is working well on our machine with license. So how can get a image file from MALDI?
    Thanx a lot. :whistle:



    For BioMap you’ll need to transform your data to the Analyze Image 7.5 data format (Mayo Foundation, Rochester, MN).
    You can check some publications (e.g. Stoeckli et al. 2002) and/or this [url=]thread[/url].



    Hi, I have the same problem as you. Now, I have the imaging results including the x,y coordinates and the corresponding intensity data. They are all in the ASCII format. I would like to use the BIOMAP to display the images. However, I don’t know how to transform my data to the Analyze Image 7.5 format. I read the relevant information on this website, but am still not sure how to do this.

    I am wondering if there is some program available, which can transform ASCII to Analyze7.5 format.:unsure:

    Thank you!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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