The MSI team at Vanderbilt University will be hosting their sixth annual short course on Imaging Mass Spectrometry this spring, April 11-14, 2017.

This course is designed for mid-level to senior investigators who are familiar with MALDI and have a practical knowledge of mass spectrometry.  The course will cover details of sample preparation, matrix application, practical instrumentation, and image and data processing.  In addition, will be highlighting recent advances in the technology, including high-sensitivity imaging, advances in high-throughput imaging, and image fusion (fusing images obtained from multiple modalities to predict higher resolution images or to direct sampling).  It also includes demonstrations of the image fusion software and of the PIMS software (Pathology Interface for Mass Spectrometry) systems.  There will be two tutorial sessions on Monday, April 10 – one as an introduction to histology/microscopy for those new to tissue analysis and one as an introduction to basic MS principles and instruments.

More information can be found at the website:

Registration will open on January 15, and everyone registered before March 15 will be entered into a drawing for a new iPad!



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