The purpose of imzML is to facilitate the exchange and processing of mass spectrometry imaging data. This website is intended to provide all information neccesary to implement imzML.


imzML was developed in the framework of the EU-funded project COMPUTIS. The main goals during the development were:

imzML is it not limited to MS imaging, but is also useful for other MS applications generating large data sets such as LC-FTMS.

The current version is imzML 1.1.1 (last updated on 16/08/2018). The metadata part of imzML is based on the mzML format by HUPO-PSI (see Background for more information). Details on how to use imzML can be found under Software tools.

Comments and suggestions can be addressed to the imzML forum or directly to Andreas Roempp.

imzML should be referenced in published research by including a citation to the following article:

Schramm T, Hester A, Klinkert I, Both J-P, Heeren RMA, Brunelle A, Laprévote O, Desbenoit N, Robbe M-F, Stoeckli M, Spengler B, Römpp A (2012) imzML — A common data format for the flexible exchange and processing of mass spectrometry imaging data. Journal of Proteomics 75 (16):5106-5110. doi:10.1016/j.jprot.2012.07.026



2018-10-22: imzML support in new IMAGEREVEAL software (Shimadzu)

2018-09-17: imzML validator is now available and is open source

2017-06-04: imzML is now supported by commercial software SCiLS Lab

2016-11-23: imzML is now supported by open source software SpectralAnalysis by University of Birmingham / NPL

2016-10-19: imzML export function available in Imaging MS Solution 1.1 by Shimadzu

2016-06-0: R-based analysis package MSI.R by CINVESTAV Unidad Irapuato reads imzML data

2015-10-22: Statistical analysis package Cardinal by Purdue University and Northeastern University reads imzML data

2015-01-10: Publication on imzML-based multi-center study in mass spectrometry  imaging (publication)

2014-12-27: Public data repository for mass spectrometry imaging: imzML data can now be submitted to PRIDE (publication)

2014-12-27: First example of ‘open data’ for mass spectrometry imaging  (available in imzML format)

2014-09-04: imzML export function available in new version of ImageQuest (version 1.1) by Thermo Fisher Scientific

2014-09-04: imzML export function implemented in new version of flexImaging (version 4.1) by Bruker

2013-04-08: Open source software MSiReader supports imzML data format

2013-04-08: imzML supported by visualization and analysis software omniSpect

2012-12-15: imzML converter for Bruker and ABI (Analyze): beta version availabe from Jean-Pierre Both

2012-09-23: COST workshop on imzML in Rauischholzhausen, Germany (23 – 27 September 2012)

2012-07-01: Technical note on imzML published in Journal of proteomics (

2011-10-23: Publication of DESI imaging MS using imzML and software-tools (Journal of Mass Spectrometry, 2011, 1241–1246)

2011-02-16: Revised example files for better software developing and testing.

2011-01-25: BioMap also supports the imzML data format (see BioMap)

2010-09-15: tips for handling the UUID (see data structure)

2010-01-27: new version of Thermo RAW to imzML converter available – including capability of converting DESI-imaging MS measurements  (see software tools)

2010-01-14: new version of imagingMS controlled vocabulary available adding SIMS and DESI parameters (see documentation)

2009-12-23: imzML viewing tool Datacube Explorer is available for download! (see software tools)