norrisJeremy L. Norris, b, Dale S. Cornett, James A. Mobley, Malin Andersson, Erin H. Seeley, Pierre Chaurand and Richard M. Caprioli
Int. J. Mass Spectrom. 2007, 260, pp. 212-221

Profiling and imaging biological specimens using MALDI mass spectrometry has significant potential to contribute to our understanding and diagnosis of disease. The technique is efficient and high-throughput providing a wealth of data about the biological state of the sample from a very simple and direct experiment. However, in order for these techniques to be put to use for clinical purposes, the approaches used to process and analyze the data must improve. This study examines some of the existing tools to baseline subtract, normalize, align, and remove spectral noise for MALDI data, comparing the advantages of each. A preferred workflow is presented that can be easily implemented for data in ASCII format. The advantages of using such an approach are discussed for both molecular profiling and imaging mass spectrometry.



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