WIMS is a practical course and hands-on training for both experts and beginners in the field of imaging mass spectrometry.
The Palais du Grand Large of Saint-Malo, an exceptional site capable of high-level services, has been selected again to host WIMS2018. The scientific program will aim to reflect innovations and currentdevelopments in imaging mass spectrometry, alongside new applications in various areas.
The WIMS2018 workshop in Saint-Malo will provide an ideal forum for discussion of imaging mass spectrometry research.

Confirmed Speakers
Michael Becker – Boehringer Ingelheim Pharma, Germany
Pierre Chaurand – University of Montreal, Canada
Carsten Hopft – Mannheim University, Germany
Mélanie Lagarrigue – Protim, France
Hélène Rogniaux – BIBS, France
Zoltan Takats – Imperial College London, UK

Registration to WIMS2018
News and important dates
Early bird registration deadline: 19 March 2018
End of registration: 31 March 2018

More information: https://www.wims.fr



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