Brand GD, Krause FC, Silva LP, Leite JR, Melo JA, Prates MV, Pesquero JB, Santos EL, Nakaie CR, Costa-Neto CM, Bloch C Jr.
Peptides 2006, 27 (9), pp 2137-2146

Bradykinin related peptides (BRPs) present in the water-soluble secretion and freshly dissected skin fragments of Phyllomedusa hypochondrialis were investigated by mass spectrometry techniques. Eighteen BRPs, along with their post-translational modifications, were characterized in the secretion by de novo MS/MS sequencing and direct MALDI imaging experiments of the frog skin. These molecules revealed strong sequence similarities to the main plasma kinin of some mammals and reptiles. Such a diversity of molecules, within the same peptide family, belonging to a single amphibian species may be related to functional specializations of these peptides and a variety of corresponding receptors that might be present in a number of different predators. Also, a novel analog, [Val]1,[Thr]6-bradykinyl-Gln,Ser had its biological activity positively detected in cell culture expressing the human bradykinin B2 receptor and in guinea pig ileum preparations.



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