Timothy J. Garrett, Maria C. Prieto-Conaway, Viatcheslav Kovtoun, Huy Bui, Nick Izgarian, George Stafford and Richard A. Yost
Int. J. Mass Spectrom. 2007, 260, pp. 166-176

We describe a new intermediate-pressure MALDI linear ion trap mass spectrometer and its capabilities for imaging mass spectrometry. The instrument design is described and is characterized in terms of four performance issues (1) MALDI performance at intermediate pressure; (2) analysis of samples on non-conductive and conductive glass slides; (3) critical importance of tandem mass spectrometry (both MS2 and MS3) for identification of analyte species and imaging of isobaric species; (4) capability for repeated analysis of the same tissue section. Application of the new instrument to imaging phospholipids in rat brain sections is described in detail.




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