Loading plot for the 10 000 compound data set

Loading plot for the 10 000 compound data setMichael A. R. Meier, Nico Adams, and Ulrich S. Schubert
Anal. Chem. 2007, 79, pp 863 – 869

A statistical approach is described to better understand the role of the matrix during a MALDI-TOFMS experiment. Potential matrix molecules were selected based on a rational experimental design and subsequently screened in order to investigate whether a certain compound can act as a matrix for synthetic polymers. The tested compounds were selected from a pool of 11 000 molecules based on descriptor calculations and a subsequent D-optimal design selection procedure. This approach selected 59 organic compounds that were then investigated for their ability to act a matrix for synthetic polymers in MALDI-TOFMS experiments. Within this contribution, we focus on the discussion of new MALDI-TOFMS matrixes that were discovered in the course of the screening. At least 10 new matrices were identified, and 5 of these were subsequently tested more closely with a variety of different synthetic polymers of different molecular weights revealing good to excellent performance of these new matrices.




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